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Teach Abroad

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions by Nigerian

Teachers on QTS & GTC For Those Desiring to Teach in

the UK, and Ireland.

Presented by Peter Ogudoro, PhD

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is QTS?

Answer: Qualified Teacher Status. This is the licence you need to teach in most schools in England. A combination of professional training and experience in approved schools will get you the licence which the Teaching Regulatory Agency (TRA) in England awards.

Q2. How do I get QTS?

Answer: Train as a teacher in one of the approved teacher training institutions in England. Your teacher training provider will facilitate the process of your obtaining your QTS. Teachers in some countries other than the UK including Nigeria can secure QTS without leaving their countries provided they satisfy certain conditions.

Q3. What are those conditions and the subjects involved?

Answer: If you teach in Nigeria, you should be a registered teacher in Nigeria and have academic credentials in one of the following subjects: Maths, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Mandarin, Russian, and Spanish. This credential should be a minimum of a first degree in the discipline you want to teach (level 6 in England). The transcript you will submit must prove that a minimum of 50% of your undergraduate studies (B.Sc., B.Ed. etc) focused on the discipline you want to teach. For example, you don’t seek QTS to teach Mathematics with a degree in Engineering no matter how good you are in the subject.  The category of students you will teach will be aged 11-16 years. Information provided later in this document will help you to use an alternative route to obtain QTS if you teach early years children or non-STEM and non-language subjects.

Q4. Who registers teachers in Nigeria?

Answer: Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN). You sit for a test on general education principles which the council conducts so you can earn a teaching certificate and licence. You can sit for the test if you studied an education discipline and have any of NCE, bachelor’s degree, postgraduate diploma, master’s degree, and PhD (in Education). You renew your teaching licence periodically by paying TRCN a token, but you do not need to sit for exam when you seek renewal of your licence.

Q5. How can I reach TRCN?

Answer: Visit their website ( to know the current contacts you can work with depending on your location. We advise you deal directly with TRCN and not through third parties, so you do not lose money to scammers.

Q6. I have neither an education degree nor the TRCN credentials but still desire to teach in England. What can I do?

Answer: You can study in a teacher training institution in England for about one year to earn a postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE) if you have already studied one of the disciplines of interest to the education authorities in England under this scheme. That will help you navigate into the teaching profession in England. Alternatively, obtain International Qualified Teacher Status (iQTS) which about six universities in the UK have been approved to run as a programme. It is a distance learning programme that won’t require you to travel out of your country to participate in. Budget about one year for it. Your training provider in the UK will train you during that period in collaboration with a school in your country where you are practicing as a teacher. Budget about ten thousand pounds for tuition. Completion of the programme will automatically procure you the licence to teach in England. You won’t need TRCN to play any role in this. This route is available to all aspiring teachers even if you are not in STEM or languages or interested in children outside of the 11-16 years range. Getting into the programme is, however, very competitive.

Q7. What are the benefits of teaching in England?

Answer: England is part of the United Kingdom (UK) and hosts the capital of the country (London). The King of England is Britain’s Head of State while the Prime Minister runs the government. London is one of the world’s richest and most vibrant cities. Most multinational corporations have presence there. Working in England will give you easy access to other parts of the world and give you and your family the opportunity to acquire sophisticated skills that will make you globally competitive. You are unlikely to earn less than thirty thousand pounds per annum aside from free high-quality education which your children in primary and secondary school will have access to. On the average, people in England live a minimum of 20 years longer than people in most African countries including Nigeria. You can pursue a graduate degree there on part time while teaching and possibly earn a PhD in your discipline which will spell true prosperity for you and your family members and position you for easy acquisition of citizenship of any country in the world that you want. You will work in an environment that welcomes people from virtually every country in the world and pick up an enhanced lens with which you will see life. You will get a grant of ten thousand pounds which will help you to transition easily into England if you studied Physics and have been employed to teach it there. That is free money and is in addition to your salary but you will get much more than money working in England.

Q8. Which other components make up the UK?

Answer: Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. This scheme is specifically for people wishing to teach in England but the experience you get in a school in England will give you easy access to other parts of the UK.

Q9. I am a competent teacher of a STEM/Language subject but lack the relevant academic credential. Can I apply successfully?

Answer: Very unlikely. You may not even be allowed to apply. The portal for the application is configured to prevent people without the basic credentials from wasting the agency’s time and other resources.

Q10. Can I secure QTS with National Certificate of Education (NCE)?

Answer: No. NCE is not a level 6 credential. A level 6 credential in England is the equivalent of a first degree in Nigeria.

Q11. Can I secure TRCN certificate and licence with NCE?

Answer: Yes, if you pass the appropriate test set by TRCN and pay them the prescribed fees.

Q12. I hear about Letter of Professional Standing. What does that mean?

Answer: It is a letter your teaching licence awarding agency (for Nigerians, TRCN) will send directly to TRA on your behalf to confirm that you are not out of status as a teacher. Teaching is a highly regulated profession in England and most of the other advanced societies. They generally want to be sure that they are not giving clearance to the wrong people to tamper with the lives of impressionable children and young people. You will need this only after you have been given clearance by the TRA to apply to TRCN for it. This will likely cost you money that may be about sixty thousand naira which you have to pay directly to TRCN and not through an agent. TRCN will send this letter on your behalf if you meet other conditions for it which include that you have successfully written the TRCN test and obtained licence to practice as a teacher in Nigeria.

Q13. Do I need to prove that I am a competent user of English Language?

Answer: Yes. This is because teaching in England is generally done in English. If you received your university education fully in English Language, your institution’s registrar, or any other highly placed officer of your institution (e.g., HOD) can write to confirm that. This is what some people refer to as letter confirming Medium of Instruction (MoI). This will combine with your other credentials to secure you QTS which is not the ultimate thing you are pursuing. Your major objective is to secure a teaching job in England. Those who are mindful of this, sit for IELTS conducted by the British Council so you can prove beyond every reasonable doubt that you are a competent user of English Language?

Q14. Doesn’t QTS qualify me automatically for a job in England?

Answer: No. It does not. You still must search for teaching jobs and go through a competitive selection process to secure a teaching job in England. The process of preparing for and passing the IELTS will help you learn how English Language is spoken in England, the home of the language. Nigerian Teachers Community of over half a million members have in collaboration with their partners arranged to help you secure this credential with ease and at a cost you can afford. With it, you won’t need to go through the process of obtaining any confirmation letter from your alma mater. It will also guarantee that you easily secure opportunities for employment and graduate studies in the USA, Canada, UK, and other parts of the advanced world. Many institutions around the world still insist on IELTS or TOEFL for acceptance into competitive and life-enhancing programmes. You can secure it if you are determined to enhance your career chances. To benefit from the programme, which is highly subsidized, visit You can also call the leader of Nigerian Teachers Community, Dr. Peter Ogudoro on +2349069603692 if you need any special help on this.

Q15. How do I join the Nigerian Teachers Community so I can benefit from other opportunities the community provides?

Answer: To join our online community for free, visit You will learn modern teaching techniques there through peer-generated resources for free. Over half a million teachers from around the world discuss various themes in teaching and education there on a 24/7 basis. We have made provision for premium membership which gives you access to the uncommon resources that come from our partners around the world. The benefits of Premium Membership run into millions of naira. If you register latest May 1, 2023, you will get it at the price that is meant for very low-income teachers. Get it at

Q16. Is QTS accepted in other countries?

Answer: Most countries will require you to obtain the licence awarded by their teaching regulator if you want to teach in their schools. However, private schools and international schools tend to covet teachers who have England’s QTS because of the rigorous process people go through to obtain it. Schools in Dubai and other major cities in the world compete for teachers with QTS awarded by England’s TRA.

Q17. Why is TRA accepting only STEM and certain language teachers for QTS consideration?

Answer: We do not speak for TRA, but we know that those subjects reflect the priorities of the relevant British government agencies who would not want Britain to become a laggard in matters of science, technology, security, international commerce, and global relevance. These are obviously areas where there are significant teacher shortages in England. Other subjects are important to them too, but they are not experiencing shortages in all disciplines. We don’t expect them to be experiencing shortage of teachers in English Language for example. They are native speakers of the language.

Q18. Will I be sponsored for visa if I secure a teaching job in England after obtaining my QTS?

Answer: Yes, if your employer considers you a very good teacher to justify the trouble, they will go through to do that. More importantly, sponsorship simply means a letter they will address to the British High Commission in Nigeria asking them to approve your visa application so you can enter the UK legitimately to work for them. It has little or nothing to do with money. It is your responsibility to mobilize the resources you need to apply for visa, buy your flight ticket, secure accommodation in the UK, and fund your local transportation before you start earning income in the UK. You can enhance your earning capacity very quickly by learning uncommon skills which can also help you to do well when you start applying for jobs in the UK. Nigerian Teachers Community have in collaboration with their local and international partners arranged to help you raise your earning capacity very quickly so you can mobilize the resources you need to execute your migration project which has become very necessary for most Nigerian teachers given the deteriorating living conditions in Nigeria. To benefit from this opportunity which lapses in a few days, visit

Q19. I want scholarship for Graduate studies abroad. Can Nigerian Teachers Community help me?

Answer: Yes. The Public Relations programme we are running for teachers and other professionals covers that. Get a slot for the training at Call +2349069603692 if you would like to speak with the leader of the community, Dr. Peter Ogudoro for any special help. He will be happy to help you access the right scholarship for your graduate studies.

Q20. My students need scholarships to do undergraduate programmes in the USA. Can Nigerian Teachers community help?

Answer: Yes if they are good in English Language and Mathematics. They will train on intensive basis for one month to enable them obtain the credentials and skills they need to access generous scholarships in the USA. The next opportunity will be available as from May 1. Details can be obtained from Questions sent to +2349069603692 by telephone call or WhatsApp message will also get answers.

Q21. I want to receive my teacher training in the UK. How can I go about it?

Answer: That is a good aspiration. A UK academic credential opens many doors that lead to amazing opportunities around the world. The information at will make it easy for you to apply successfully for a teacher training programme in one of UK’s top universities for teacher training. The video at will help you understand the kind of experience you will receive while studying in the UK.

Q22. I am interested in how teaching is done in Finland. Can you introduce me to it?

Answer: Watch an amazing video on that at Nigerian Teachers Community will send about 110 outstanding teachers to Finland in the second quarter of 2024 for a two week intensive training so they can acquire the skills the need to teach in any advanced country in the world including UK, Ireland, Canada, and USA. Teachers who have been fortunate to be trained in Finland are in high demand globally. They are among the most mobile teachers in the world. Finland currently runs the world's best education system at Kindergarten, Primary, and high school levels and delivers the best teacher training programmes at those levels. To get updates on the trip to Finland, become one of our Premium Members at The trip will transform your life and empower you to lift your family out of financial insecurity. The trip is also highly recommended if you are a school owner or play a leadership role in your school. Also invest in the trip if you are hoping to start your own globally competitive school soon.

Q23. How can I secure license to teach in Scotland whether or not I am in STEM?

Answer: You can secure the license if you have trained as a teacher in Nigeria, hold a bachelor's degree in your subject area/specialization, and have relevant work experience. You will need your university transcripts, and recommendations from your university professors and current employer/supervisor. Possession of a TRCN certificate will be added advantage. Remember that even non STEM teachers can apply for the license to teach in Scotland. The body that accredits teachers in Scotland is called The General Teaching Council for Scotland. To start the process of securing the Scottish teaching license, visit

Q24. Is it true that teaching jobs exist in Ireland even for teachers from Nigeria? 

Answer: Yes. That is if you are a very competent teacher, with relevant credentials including teaching license such as QTS and GTC accreditation. Proficiency in the use of English Language will enhance your chances of securing a good teaching job in Ireland, a country with a high standard of living. It is possible to apply successfully for citizenship of Ireland after living there for only five years.  To learn how to obtain an English Language proficiency credential speedily, visit

Q25. How did Dr. Peter Ogudoro acquire the information he has shared here?

Answer: He studied in the UK and holds a PhD in Education from the University of Reading, England. He is a product of over ten research-intensive institutions around the world including University of Cambridge, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway, and Johannes Keppler University in Austria. He leads the Nigerian Teachers Community of over half a million members and won the Facebook Community Accelerator Award for 2021. The British Council gave him a special recognition as an outstanding alumnus of the British Higher Education Institutions in February 2023. He collaborates with teacher trainers in universities in Finland, South Africa and several other countries to advance the welfare of teachers in Nigeria and the wider African continent. To watch some of his presentations on teacher training and scholarship opportunities around the world, visit His books on easy steps to career success can be accessed at Amazon via  

Q26. What is the link for those who want to apply for QTS?

Answer: Ensure you have soft copies of your credentials including your academic transcripts, proof of English Language and a means of identification e.g., (international) passport before you start the process.

Q27. Can I share this message with my friends and colleagues?

Answer: Yes. For further help and explanations on any of the issues raised in this document or on how to manage your career for outstanding success, call the author, Dr. Peter Ogudoro on +2349069603692 (7-9pm WAT). Remember to secure your Premium Membership of Nigerian Teachers Community for resources worth millions of naira at We are a not-for-profit community promoting the welfare of teachers, parents striving to provide their children good quality education, and over 50 million children in the school system. We welcome volunteers and sponsors for our programmes.

Q28. When is the best time to act on the very enlightening information in this document?

Answer: Now. Opportunities don’t sit and wait for people who procrastinate. Policies of governments change. The opportunities discussed here may vanish before procrastinators are ready. Start with the resources you have now. Waiting until you can afford the cost of the entire process is unrealistic. As you complete one step, the means to take the next step will appear. You can start with securing your place on our Premium Membership platform so we can send you alerts on opportunities for teachers and students and use our regular messages to prompt you to utilize your gifts maximally. Start at and get Dr. Peter Ogudoro’s books at For inquiries and to join our UK WhatsApp group for relevant updates, call +2349069603692 or sign up for free at Follow us on LinkedIn ( for updates on grants, fellowships, and scholarships.

Wishing you a distinguished career!


©Peter Ogudoro, 2023

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