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Benefits of Premium Membership include


You will get updates regarding opportunities for training, jobs, scholarships for you and your students/children, and developments in the global education industry.


Huge discounts on our training programmes, seminars, workshops, conferences, and preparation for scholarship and visa interviews.


Opportunities to promote your talents including migration to USA, Canada, UK, and other European countries for better income and credentials


Invitation to participate in our research projects for life-long learning, collaboration with our colleagues in Finland, and opportunities for regular development travels.


Opportunities to be considered for free training slots given to our community by governments and our other global partners.


Opportunities to volunteer during our events so you can learn from experts and improve your skills for free.


Opportunity to learn how to plan lessons and teach from our colleagues in Finland.


Opportunity to follow our Leader, Dr. Peter Ogudoro as he brings resources and empowering networks from around the world.


And much more. With only N20,000, you will have access to opportunities worth millions of naira. Pay only N9,000 until 11pm, May 31.

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