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Intensive Workshop on How to Work from Home and Earn What You Deserve in Dollars from a Global Market and How to Access the £10K Relocation Grant For Teachers Migrating to The UK-
9am to 2pm- 3 Saturdays-
September 9, 16, and 23, 2023

Who can Benefit?

Any professional competent enough to deliver globally competitive service and uncomfortable with working long hours while earning poor income. People welcome to benefit include
-Teachers (of any subject) desiring to work from home and earn what they deserve from the global students market, and teachers desiring to access UK teaching jobs from Nigeria so they can access the £10K Relocation Grant for teachers migrating to the UK, 
-Graphic Artists and Designers
-Copy Writers
-Fitness Trainers, 
-Software Engineers, and anyone capable of solving problems in a way that is uncommon and delights the customer.
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98 Adeniyi Jones Avenue (Capital Oil bus stop), Ikeja, Lagos.

Lead Resource Person: Dr. Peter Ogudoro. He holds a PhD in Education with emphasis on Career Management, Attitude Change, and Innovation Diffusion from the University of Reading in the UK and is a product of over ten research-intensive institutions around the world including University of Cambridge and Austria’s centre for Innovation in Education. He runs the world’s most vibrant and innovative teachers’ online community that has over half a million members and is the Winner of Facebook’s Community Accelerator Award for year 2021. The British Council celebrated him publicly in Lagos, Nigeria in February, 2023 for being an outstanding alumnus of the British higher education system. He is one of the few outstanding changemakers in the world who were selected to benefit from the 2023 Netpreneur Masterclass sponsored by the Chinese Alibaba Global Initiative.

Methods of Delivery: Presentations, individual and group research, syndicate discussions, role play, assignments, internet-based activities and projects oriented towards getting workshop participants to set up their online dollar-generating online platforms successfully within the three Saturdays .

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Course Objective

By the end of the uncommon experience, beneficiaries will be able to attract jobs from a global market, and become globally significant thought leaders, innovators, outstanding consultants, and admirable business leaders, leading lives of significance. Participants interested in relocation to the UK via the grant scheme or the QTS scheme or study abroad on scholarship programmes will be helped during the programme to develop and implement a realistic agenda (including admission essays and PhD proposals) for their projects. Every beneficiary will go home after the experience with a reliable system for sustainable financial security and be able to travel to any country in the world for vacations and self-improvement on a sustainable basis.

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Course Content

A.           Wealth Psychology for building enduring wealth.

B.           Where the money is now in the global market place and how to attract and retain it.

C.           Reliable Ways to move from a struggling employee to a financially secure individual.

D.           Thought Leadership, Positioning, and Community Formation & Management.

E.           Communicating for Financial Freedom.

F.            Innovation, Strategic Thinking and Leading Life of Significance.

G.          Global Trends and Review of the Global and Local Business Environment for Exponential Growth.

H.          Social Capital Formation.

I.            Setting up Digital Money-Generation Assets and Managing them Profitably.

J.            Penetrating international networks of the financially free and functioning well within them.

K.           Negotiating for Efficiency, fully funded graduate programmes, and Exponential Increase.

L.           Corporate Diplomacy & Wisdom and Personal Care for Enduring Joy.

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Fee, Registration, and Inquiry

Fee: N250,000 if you are not a teacher or a Global Citizen. Teachers who are active members of the Nigerian Teachers Community (, and members of the Global Citizens Community are to pay only 50% of this fee (N125,000) to benefit from the full training and get promotional credits on Nigerian Teachers' media channels. Teachers wishing to pay this reduced fee in instalment should speak with Dr. Peter Ogudoro on +2349069603692 for advice. He is happy to help every member of the Nigerian Teachers Community to benefit from the training so they can become financially free and step into endeavours they truly love. Discuss any challenge you have with him. Workshop fees are payable into First Bank of Nigeria account number 2001386194 in favour of Ogudoro Leadership Trainers and Management Consultants. Send proof of payment to +2349069603692 by WhatsApp for space reservation latest Wednesday, September 6.  For inquiries, call +2349069603692 (Dr. Peter Ogudoro).


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