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Study Abroad on Scholarship

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions on

Study Abroad & Scholarships.

Presented by Peter Ogudoro, PhD

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For best result from this document,

read and take actions on the answers to all the questions asked.

Q1. What is Study Abroad?

Answer: There is a broad as well as a narrow definition of this depending on the country you live in. For students outside the USA, this simply means studying in a country other than where you are currently a student. For students in the USA, you may be seen as studying abroad if you are studying certain courses for example, Political Science outside of the State where you are currently a student. The time some students spend in Washington DC to learn the processes of US government may be interpreted as study abroad if your university is outside Washington DC. For most other countries, this is not the case. Your nationality has nothing to do with this definition. For example, a Nigerian studying in a university in Chicago may be studying abroad while in Washington DC depending on the demands of the person’s programme.

Q2. What benefits do you derive from studying abroad?

Answer: No matter your nationality, the opportunity to study abroad will bring you inestimable values. You will learn about other cultures, meet people from other countries, get exposed to other languages, and see more contexts than you are used to. You will get a chance to be more accepting of other people’s idiosyncrasies, become more empathetic and compassionate and develop social networks that will give you access to better paying jobs and business opportunities. It is even more beneficial if you come from an education system that is not performing well. Studying in the USA, UK, Canada, and several other countries in Europe including Germany, Finland, France, and Sweden can be transformational. You will learn analytical thinking and acquire proficiency in the use of the technology that applies to your industry. Multinational corporations generally prefer candidates with international exposure and will hire them at the expense of candidates who lack such backgrounds. The justification for this preference is outside of the scope of this presentation. Study abroad if your family can afford to make the sacrifice to support you. You will find that even the top politicians in your country and the top managers in your economy studied abroad. Relate with the world as it is rather than quarrel with situations you lack the capacity to change. Consider study abroad an indispensable step if you come from any country in Africa. People in America, Canada, and Europe generally live a minimum of 20 years longer than people living in Africa including Nigeria. Studying abroad will other things being equal, lift you and your family out of financial insecurity. The income of the average Norwegian in one year for example, will take an average Nigerian about two lifetimes to earn. Not much will change in Africa positively in the nearest future. The politicians on the continent are too concerned about themselves and their families to confront the challenges facing the continent. The average fertility rate in both North America and Europe is below 2. It is above five for Africa. This means that whereas the average woman in Europe and North America gives birth to two children in a lifetime, in Africa, the figure is above 5. In Nigeria, this translates to an addition of about 6 million people to the country’s population through birth annually. A combination of religious beliefs and poor education is at the root of this. It is therefore very difficult for the country to create enough jobs to match the rate of increase of its population. Poverty will remain endemic in the country for decades to come. Hope is not a strategy. Studying abroad will enable you to gain the skills and funds you can use to help your country. This is a realistic step to take rather than resigning yourself to fate or blame Europe and America for the continent’s challenges.

Q3. Are there challenges I will face while studying abroad?

Answer: Yes. They include the significant cost implications of studying abroad and the possibility of language barrier and culture shock. You will be away from your home country and may feel home sick sometimes. You can, however, choose to see those costs and inconveniences as investment in pursuit of better career chances. Most people who studied abroad find it a good investment but use a good plan to reduce your cost and minimize the inconveniences associated with studying abroad. Speak with Dr. Peter Ogudoro on telephone number +2349069603692 (7-9pm WAT) if you need help on this no matter where you live in the world.

Q4. Can I minimize the costs and inconveniences of studying abroad?

Answer: Yes. As much as possible, use your own resources such as savings and investments converted to cash to execute your study abroad plans. High interest loans are not recommended for study abroad projects because they can generate stress for you. It is okay to accept financial help from your family and friends as well as sponsorship by your employer if the associated bond will not limit your career choices on completion of your study abroad. It is also okay to take a soft loan if the credentials your study abroad will bring will enable you to liquidate the loan speedily without producing serious telling effects on your wellbeing. Your best option is to, prior to embarking on your study abroad project, study hard and earn the credentials that will secure you a full ride which will enable you to study abroad for free. There are scholarships that can pick up all your bills including tuition and living expenses. You generally need good standard test scores and other credentials to secure such scholarships.

Q5. What are the credentials you are referring to?

Answer: For undergraduate programmes, you need a good transcript (a compilation of your academic performance while you were in high school forwarded to the university of your choice abroad by your school counsellor), and high scores in SAT/ACT, IELTS/TOEFL, and any other credential that will distinguish you from other candidates competing for the scholarship you want. Outstanding and demonstrated leadership ability, and community service record will enhance your chances of getting a full ride. You also need to tell your story well through the essays you will be required to write while applying for scholarships. Many schools in the USA will grant you a full ride if your profile is irresistible but your family can prove that they lack the means to foot your school bill. Those schools do what we call need blind admissions. Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and MIT are among schools in the USA that will accept you on full ride if your profile is very distinguished, but you lack the means to pay the high fees they charge. Similar conditions apply to graduate programmes. High scores in IELTS/TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, and MCAT will be helpful if you are seeking master’s and PhD programmes abroad on substantial scholarship. They will combine with your great undergraduate transcript, and other proven accomplishments to secure you scholarship offers.  

Q6. Can I be helped to prepare a portfolio that will get me a full ride?

Answer: Yes. Your parents are welcome to speak with Dr. Peter Ogudoro on telephone number +2349069603692 (6-9pm WAT) if you need such help and under 18 years of age. Make the call yourself to book appointment for preparation of your portfolio and career design session if you are seeking a postgraduate training opportunity abroad. Studying abroad at a cost your family can afford is not as hard as ignorance has made it look.

Q7. Do I need to prove that I am a competent user of English Language to study abroad?

Answer: Yes. This is because you will receive all your instructions in English Language in most schools you would like to attend in North America (USA, and Canada), and Europe. If you received all your education so far fully in English Language, your institution’s registrar, or any other highly placed officer of your institution (e.g., HOD) can write to confirm that. This is what some people refer to as letter confirming Medium of Instruction (MoI). This may be sufficient to secure you admission especially if your family can afford the financial implications of your study abroad. This will, however, not make you competitive for available scholarships. Those who are mindful of this, sit for IELTS conducted by the British Council so you can prove beyond every reasonable doubt that you are a competent user of English Language? The process of preparing for and passing the IELTS will help you learn how English Language is used in the new context you are stepping into. Nigerian Teachers Community of over half a million members have, in collaboration with their partners, arranged to help you secure this credential with ease and at a cost you can afford. With it, you won’t need to go through the process of obtaining any confirmation letter from your alma mater. It will also guarantee that you easily secure opportunities for employment and graduate studies in the USA, Canada, UK, and other parts of the advanced world. Many institutions around the world still insist on IELTS or TOEFL for acceptance into competitive and life-enhancing programmes even if your family can afford the fee for the programme. You can secure it if you are determined to enhance your career chances. To benefit from the programme, which is highly subsidized, visit You can also call the leader of Nigerian Teachers Community, Dr. Peter Ogudoro on +2349069603692 if you need any special help on this.

Q8. How do I join the Nigerian Teachers Community so I can benefit from other opportunities the community provides?

Answer: To join our online community for free if you are a teacher or a parent, visit You will learn modern teaching techniques there through peer-generated resources for free. Over half a million teachers from around the world discuss various themes in teaching and education there on a 24/7 basis. Parents get free help there on their children’s assignments.

We have made provision for Premium Membership which gives you access to the uncommon resources that come from our partners around the world. Some of our partners are supporting us to send 110 Nigerian teachers to Finland for a two week intensive training in the second quarter of 2024. The skills you will acquire from the training will position you for the top teaching jobs in the UK, Ireland and other advanced societies where your children can receive high quality free education. Registration for the trip opens soon. You can compete for one of the slots available if you are a Premium Member of our community. The benefits of Premium Membership run into millions of naira. If you register latest March 31, 2024, you will get it at the price that is meant for very low-income teachers. Get it at

Q9. What is SAT?

Answer: Scholastic Aptitude Test- You are tested in Mathematics (Math for short), and Evidence Based Reading and Writing. Your performance in it is used by colleges in the USA to get an insight into your competence in handling problems that require numeracy, critical reasoning, and verbal fluency. The highest point scorable is 1600 but each section has a maximum score of 800. The higher your score the better your chances of getting into undergraduate programmes and schools that are highly competitive and securing good scholarships. Your ACT score is accepted by most colleges as an alternative to SAT. If you would want to earn a high score in SAT for scholarship purpose, take advantage of the programme at or call +2349069603692 for help if you live outside Nigeria.

Q10. What is GRE?

Answer: Graduate Record Exam. It has both quantitative and verbal sections with 170 as the maximum scorable for each section. The maximum scorable when the two sections are combined is therefore 340. Universities in the USA and Canada use your performance in it as one of the determinants of your acceptance into graduate programmes such as M.Sc., MA, and MBA. The higher your score the better your chances of getting into schools that are highly competitive and securing good scholarships.

Q11. What is ACT?

Answer: American College Test. You are tested in English Language, Mathematics, Reading and Science. Your performance in it is used by colleges in the USA to get an insight into your readiness for college in terms of numeracy, verbal fluency, and environmental awareness. The highest point scorable is 36. The higher your score the better your chances of getting into undergraduate programmes and schools that are highly competitive and securing good scholarships. Your SAT score is accepted by most colleges as an alternative to it.

Q12. What is LSAT?

Answer: Law School Admission Test used to select candidates most suitable for Law training in the USA. To attend a law school in the USA, you are expected to have completed an undergraduate programme in another discipline. This contrasts with the practice in countries such as Nigeria where students straight from high school can secure admission into the university for law training. This difference may partly account for why lawyers in the USA earn significantly better income than their counterparts in other parts of the world. The income of the average lawyer in the USA in one year may take his/her Nigerian counterpart about three lifetimes to earn.

Q13. What is GMAT?

Answer: Graduate Management Admission Test. Universities in the USA and Canada use your performance in it as one of the determinants of your acceptance into graduate programmes in Management and Business such as MIM (Master’s in Management), and MBA (Master of Business Administration). Many schools will accept your GRE result as an alternative to it. The highest point scorable is 800. The higher your score the better your chances of getting into schools that are highly competitive and securing good scholarships.

Q14. What is MCAT?

Answer: Medical College Admission Test used to select candidates most suitable for medical training in the USA. To attend a medical school in the USA, you are expected to have completed and undergraduate programme in a related discipline. This contrasts with the practice in countries such as Nigeria where students straight from high school can secure admission into the university for medical training. This may partly account for high drop out rate in medical schools in countries such as Nigeria. It also takes a Nigerian medical doctor about two years to earn the one-month income of his/her counterpart in the USA.

Q15. My children/students need scholarships to do undergraduate programmes in the USA. Can Nigerian Teachers community help?

Answer: Yes if they are good in English Language and Mathematics. They will train on intensive basis for one month to enable them obtain the credentials and skills they need to access generous scholarships in the USA. The next opportunity will be available as from September 9. Secure slots for them at Questions sent to +2349069603692 by telephone call or WhatsApp message will also get answers.

Q16. Which country is most generous with scholarships?

Answer: USA. Those scholarships, however, usually go to candidates whose parents have been very intentional about their university education and study abroad. Some full scholarships are also available in the UK to candidates who have packaged themselves well for enviable scholarships. Public universities in Germany also offer tuition free education. You only pick up the bills for your living expenses. Tuition is relatively low in France. Many PhD programmes are available on full ride in many countries in Europe and North America, but you need an outstanding portfolio to secure the offers. Most applicants from Africa submit weak proposals because of lack of skill. Speak with Dr. Peter Ogudoro on +2349069603692 if you want to make successful applications for PhD opportunities around the world. You are a unique individual and may have special needs you want to meet through your study abroad effort. A career session with Dr. Peter Ogudoro will help you make a very beneficial decision on this.

Q17. I want to speed things up because of my age. What can I do?

Answer: Take a short cut. Take a 7-day course in Public Relations that will fetch you a credential for direct admission into the university for a degree in Communication which you can complete in only two years. If you work hard, you can earn a good grade in your degree which can secure you a good graduate programme abroad. You can access this opportunity immediately at The providers of the opportunity are closing registration for the year in a few days. It is a programme that will also help you with the skills to raise the funds you need to study abroad and earn good money while studying abroad. This is a helpful programme no matter the profession you eventually want to settle for. It will help you learn how to write your admission essays well and acquire the skills you need to excel while studying abroad.

Q18. Can I travel with my family?

Answer: Yes. Most countries will permit you to arrive with your spouse and children if you can prove that you have the means to take care of them and on a research degree programme such as PhD studies. Some scholarships cover immediate family members.

Q19. Must I sit for standardized tests such as SAT, ACT, IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, and GMAT to get into a good university abroad?

Answer: No if you are not seeking scholarship. There are schools that will accept you without insisting on any of those test scores. Sitting for those tests and earning enviable scores, however, saves you money. The cost of preparing for and sitting for those tests successfully is, not up to 1% of the value of the scholarships you could secure with your good test scores. For tests meant for undergraduate admissions, consider the information at For tests meant for Postgraduate admissions, consider the information at immediately so you can benefit from a highly subsidized opportunity before it lapses. Ignore people who tell you that you don’t need good test scores to get into school. Yes, some universities may say so on their websites to appear politically and socially correct, but admissions and scholarships committees of most universities still show preference for high academic achievers, other things being equal. Give them what they understand best to improve your chances of getting what you want. Speak with Dr. Peter Ogudoro on this if you perceive any obstacles to your gaining the credentials you need for good scholarships abroad. He can be reached on telephone number +2349069603692 (7-9pm WAT).

Q20. Can I work while studying abroad?

Answer: Yes. Most countries will permit you to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week but the money you will earn from working is unlikely to be enough for your living expenses especially if you are studying for a master’s degree which typically is intensive. This is why it is important you prioritize securing substantial scholarship for your programme.

Q21. What is the best time to resume for higher education abroad?

Answer: Fall semester. In the USA, this will be August while in most of Europe, this will be September. This is a good time for people coming from the tropics into temperate regions. You will also benefit from a comprehensive orientation programme offered by your school if you resume at this time. This is how to set yourself up for early success and maximum utilization of the opportunities your programme will offer you. However, hardworking, and resilient individuals can succeed no matter when they resume in a foreign land but minimize your struggle if it is within your powers to do so.

Q22. I have other questions to ask. They border on proof of funds, the course to study, how to secure a good job abroad, how to work remotely and earn income in dollars, how to guarantee success in my visa interview, how to secure green card while in my country and some others. Can I get a consultation appointment for a virtual session because of my location?

Answer: Yes. Dr. Peter Ogudoro will be happy to help. Contact him on telephone number +2349069603692 (7-9pm WAT) for an appointment. Both physical and virtual meetings can be arranged for you to get support from him for your study abroad and other educational and career issues.

Q23. How did Dr. Peter Ogudoro acquire the information he has shared here?

Answer: He studied in the UK and holds a PhD in Education with emphasis on Career Management from the University of Reading in England. He is a product of over ten research-intensive institutions around the world including University of Cambridge, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway, and Johannes Keppler University in Austria. He leads the Nigerian Teachers Community of over half a million members and won the Facebook Community Accelerator Award for 2021. The British Council gave him a special recognition as an outstanding alumnus of the British Higher Education Institutions in February 2023. He collaborates with teacher trainers in universities and professionals in Finland, South Africa, UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, and several other countries to advance the welfare of teachers and young people across the world. He is a beneficiary of sponsored fellowship, and education research programmes in the UK, Sweden, Finland, Austria, and Norway. He has two children. They are on a combined scholarship for their undergraduate and graduate studies in the USA worth about four hundred thousand dollars. He will be happy to help you and your family secure access to such opportunities. His detailed profile is available at His diary for the year is filling up. Call +2349069603692 (7-9pm WAT) to get a slot for a career design session while you are on this platform. He will attend to you no matter where you live in the world. His books on easy steps to career success can be accessed at Amazon via

Q24. Can I share this message with my friends and colleagues?

Answer: Yes. For further help and explanations on any of the issues raised in this document or on how to manage your career for outstanding success, call the author, Dr. Peter Ogudoro on +2349069603692 (7-9pm WAT). Remember to secure your Premium Membership of Nigerian Teachers Community for resources worth millions of naira at We are a not-for-profit community promoting the welfare of teachers, parents striving to provide their children good quality education, and over 50 million children in the school system. We welcome volunteers and sponsors for our programmes.

Q25. When is the best time to act on the very enlightening information in this document?

Answer: Now. Opportunities don’t sit and wait for people who procrastinate. Policies of schools and governments change. The opportunities discussed here may vanish before procrastinators are ready. Start with the resources you have now. Waiting until you can afford the cost of the entire process is unrealistic. As you complete one step, the means to take the next step will appear. You can start with securing your place on our Premium Membership platform so we can send you alerts on opportunities for teachers and students and use our regular messages to prompt you to utilize your gifts maximally. Start at and get Dr. Peter Ogudoro’s books at Those books are simple to read but break most of the barriers standing against human progress.

Act on your international exams such as SAT, IELTS, and GRE immediately and start your university admission application now if you want to resume in August of 2024. Both tests and applications should be completed latest November 2023 if you are seeking generous scholarships. Book for a career design session with Dr. Peter Ogudoro via a telephone call (+2349069603692) so you can save time and secure generous scholarships no matter where you live in the world. To join a WhatsApp group for regular updates, visit Follow us on LinkedIn ( for updates on grants, fellowships, and scholarships. For any other inquiry, call +2349069603692.

Wishing you a distinguished career!


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