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Get easily Admitted Into a Science Course in the University

Learn about the challenges facing young people aspiring to study STEM courses in the university and discover easy ways to get admitted into your dream course on scholarship and in a world-class university in the USA.

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Ignorance is Not Bliss When it Comes to
University Admissions for Science Students

By Peter Ogudoro, PhD

Not up to 5 out of every 100 smart teenagers wishing to study Medicine in Nigerian universities will be admitted for the course. Minimum of 3 out of every 10 of the few who get admitted for Medicine won't become medical doctors. They will drop out or change course because of the challenging circumstances of medical training in Nigeria. Most of the victims would have wasted about 3 years before getting admitted for Medicine and eventually discovering they can't become medical doctors. This accounts for the large number of medical students in Nigeria currently living in depression. Unfortunately, most parents of the victims are unaware of what their children are going through.

The challenge increases when most of those who qualify as medical doctors discover eventually that they cannot achieve financial security and job satisfaction unless they travel out of the country to practice and study to become specialists. Engineers and other science majors graduating from Nigerian universities are similarly affected. The average young engineer in Nigeria is teaching one of the science subjects in a secondary school and feeling frustrated because of the limited practical content of their training and the absence of employers of engineers. None of them bargained for this. How can the teenagers who completed secondary school recently and aspiring to study any of the sciences avoid falling into similar traps since ignorance is not bliss in a matter such as this and faith without work that is strategic cannot guarantee success?

Use the money you want to spend on your child’s education in a private university in Nigeria or pay the increased school fee in public universities to train the child to earn excellent scores in international exams such as SAT, ACT, TOEFL, and IELTS and use such credentials to source for scholarships abroad under the guidance of a career manager. The career manager will guide your child on how to prepare a portfolio that will be marketable to admissions officers in American universities. A good number of Nigerian children are already benefitting from this. Some are studying absolutely for free (on scholarships worth over two hundred thousand dollars) in the USA and even earning thousands of dollars annually through part time work.

A 14-day intensive training superintended by a career management expert will get your child ready for the required credentials if your child is strong in Mathematics and English Language. Visit to understand how it works and help your child take next steps on this path that will guarantee your child an amazing future. Not much will change positively in the Nigerian school system in the nearest future. Don’t gamble with your child’s future. Nigerian politicians and religious leaders are training their own children abroad and are therefore, not under pressure to redress this unfortunate situation. In a globalized society which is what we are in now, your child will compete with people who earned their credentials in performing education systems and will face financial insecurity if you don’t intervene now that you can make amends.

Wishing you and your family the wisdom to make a choice that will lead you to what you really want. Call Dr. Peter Ogudoro, alumnus of University of Reading, UK, and a career expert on +2349069603692 for free career advice if you need it. He leads the Nigerian Teachers Community of over half a million members and won the Facebook Community Accelerator Award for year 2021 because of his outstanding social impact. He will be happy to help. To join a WhatsApp group for parents interested in free alerts on scholarship and grant opportunities for their young children, visit That platform is strictly for Nigerian Teachers Community to pass on helpful information to parents so they can give their children the best higher educational opportunities possible. It is not open for chats.

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